Bulk Material Handling Equipments

Rotary Arm Extractor

We are offering of Rotary Arm Extractor. The BinEX Silo Discharger is particularly suitable for the discharge of sticky and difficult bulk materials out of silos with a diameter of 0.5 to 6 metres. The bulk material is collected by a discharge arm and transported under the cone to the central outlet opening. A undercut at the silo wall provides for a activation of the entire bulk material column. A complete emptying of the silo is guaranteed hereby. BinEX units can also be assembled without any difficulty under existing silos; therefore they are particularly suitable for the revamping of already existing facilities or silos with flow problems. By testing the bulk materials in our laboratory and by implicating the established values, mass flow inside the silos can be guaranteed.

Application examples:

  • The discharge of FGD-gypsum in mill silos in the cement industry.
  • Raw mill feeding with iron ore, marl, limestone and clay in cement works.
  • Emptying of truck or railway wagon tipping hoppers.
  • Discharge of FGD-, natural- or phosphor-gypsum silos for calciner feeding in plasterboard works.
  • The temporary storage and / or loading of FGD-gypsum in flue gas desulphurisation facilities in power plants or in waste incineration plants
  • The feeding of coal mills.
  • Discharge of all silos with bad flowing and sticky bulk materials.

Bulk Reception Unit

The Bulk Reception Unit is delivered by a truck and tipped into the reception area of the Truck Unloading Station. As the conveyor aprons with belt move forward, the bulk material hill is conveyed on the upper run towards the drive station. The truck unloading station has the additional function of an intermediate buffer to store the bulk material. This means that the driver can unload his truck completely without waiting time. By means of a levelling plate, the bulk material outflow of the Truck Unloading Station is changed from an irregular truck feeding to a constant.

Application examples:

  • The reception and in feeding of almost all bulk materials delivered by trucks.
  • Short tipping times
  • No civil works / pit required
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